Would you as a law enforcement officer, on or off duty, like to know if an active school shooting is occurring in your immediate area? One of the biggest ways we can reduce the impact of deadly events is by improving officer response time and getting the word out more quickly. Designed for police officers and law enforcement professionals, this free app proactively alerts officers when school shootings are happening in their local area.

Primary features of the Hero911 smartphone app for active shootings:

  • Provides a low key push message for situational awareness to an active shooter incident nationwide so users can refer to appropriate media.
  • Launches an immediate alert to all LEOs providing the user with the address, map, and additional information when within 10-15 miles of a reported active shooter.
  • Compliments 911 services.

What is the Hero911® Network?

The Hero911® Network is voluntary, state and local law enforcement officers. The Hero911® Network forms a Social Protection Network© dedicated to reducing law enforcement response time to active school shooting incidents.  

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Hero911 smartphone app for school shootings.