Embrace the World of Technology for the Safety of Our Students

There has been an alarming increase of violence and attacks on children in schools in the United States. While safety measures and protocols have effectively prevented deaths from school fires for over 50 years, there have been numerous shootings and incidents of violence in schools. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms that the incidence of mass homicides on school campuses has risen steeply in recent years, with guns being used in a significant number of cases. There is a need for a federally unified program, similar to the one for fire emergencies, to address school shootings and violence. Studies also show that there is an urgency for preparation and active shooter protocols in schools. Schools should have safety procedures and conduct mock drills to save lives and prevent these incidents. It also discusses the need for expedited tactical, notification, and response times to minimize casualties. Guard911 and Hero911, are mobile apps that provide a panic button and alert law enforcement and other users in case of an emergency. Consider embracing life-saving tools and technology to protect children and prevent further tragedies like Guard 911.

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