Active Intruder Training with SchoolGuard Panic Button & Hero911

Imagine drastically reducing active shooter or medical emergency response times in schools from 20 minutes or more to just a few minutes. This is made possible by the SchoolGuard panic button app, which works in conjunction with the Hero911 network. Detective Tony Stewart, director of active intruder training for a large school district in Missouri, explains how SchoolGuard and Hero911 have proven to be effective in improving response times and saving lives.

The Hero911 network consists of over 67,000 federal, state, and local officers who can quickly respond to active shooter or other emergency situations. This unique feature, available for free through the Hero911 app, has already been instrumental in saving lives.

During a realistic drill conducted in the school district, teachers and staff experienced the challenges of reaching a classroom phone, calling 911, and protecting students simultaneously. SchoolGuard and Hero911 were invaluable in this scenario. Teachers can easily activate the SchoolGuard panic button on their cell phones, immediately notifying 911 and the Hero911 network. This eliminates the delay of dispatching through 911 and allows the closest officers to respond rapidly. By implementing SchoolGuard and Hero911, schools can enhance their emergency response capabilities and ensure the safety of students, staff, and the community.


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