Guard911 Awarded State of Florida Department of Education Contract for Alyssa’s Law

COLLINSVILLE, Illinois – Guard911, a technology-based security company offering a mobile panic alert system, has been named as an approved vendor for the Florida Department of Education – Alyssa’s Law mandate. The Illinois-based company will provide public and charter schools in Florida with access to their SchoolGuard ‘mobile panic alert app’ service to facilitate an immediate notification to all staff and law enforcement to active shooter emergencies. Alerts go out to the Hero911 Network, a federally approved emergency alert app with more than 60,000 federal, state, and local law enforcement officers. Steve Hoard, the Coordinator of Safety and Mental Health at Union County Schools, believes that Guard911 is an excellent vendor choice by the state. “Union County schools have relied on the powerful, proven effective and simplicity of SchoolGuard for the past several years.” Hoard states, “We highly recommend other school districts in Florida to implement the Guard911 serve as well.” Sheriff Tommy Ford of Bay County mentions all of his schools have implemented the Guard911 service a few years ago and he remains a strong advocate to the user-friendly service. Ford states, “For over three years, Bay County Schools have relied on safeguarding their school district with the SchoolGuard service offered by Guard911 and I remain a strong advocate to this service.” The company’s President and Founder, Nate McVicker, says his team is excited to work with Florida and help protect additional schools through this opportunity. “We are honored to be awarded a contract to work with the Department of Education to safeguard additional schools in Florida against senseless acts of violence,” said McVicker, “SchoolGuard is already operable in several Florida schools and we look forward to expanding our reach in our mission to protect more statewide … as seconds save lives.” Guard911 was formed in 2013 by veteran law enforcement and technology experts who designed the service with a police and psychological perspective to active shooter incidents. The family of Guard911 apps, including the Hero911 Network, were designed with a single focus – to provide an early warning system for armed intruder emergencies and save precious seconds that can mean the difference between life and death.
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