An Interview With Ron Borsch, Retired Police Officer of 47 Years

Our mission with Guard 911 and Hero911 is to not just provide solutions for schools and communities, but also law enforcement officers who are the first responders when an emergency occurs. Ron Borsch is a Vietnam veteran and a three-decade career police officer including S.W.A.T. followed by 17 years as founder, manager and lead trainer for SEALE Regional Police Training Academy, which was attended by officers from ten states.

Today, Ron manages the PACT Consultant Group. They do consulting and presentations on police training, as well as pro-bono presentations, to civic groups and churches. Ron supports and promotes Hero911 and Guard911 benefits to everyone when discussing Rapid Mass Murder© incidents and sharing the results of his Stopwatch of Death© database. Check out our interview with Ron below.

Guard911: What is Tactical Time?

Ron: The reality is, there’s nobody standing around with a stopwatch. When an active killer strikes, whether it’s at a school or any public place where armed-and-trained good guys are forbidden, the amount of time it takes from the initial chaos to making the call to the police has been identified by Ed Sanow as 5-7 minutes. Along with the known average of 6 minutes killing time plus an unknown police response time, that’s tactical time. SchoolGuard speeds up this critical notification time to police with a touch of a button in the app and notifies 9-1-1 and surrounding first responders instantaneously via the Hero911 app.

Guard911:Why do you think Guard911/Hero911 as a piece of technology is so important?

Ron: SchoolGuard has value simply by reducing the time it takes for first responders to arrive. Today, that’s the only control we have in these situations because the remainder of the control is in the hands of the active killer. I think what makes Guard911 and all the affiliated apps work is the synchronicity with Hero911 app – which all law enforcement officers should have on their phones because it’s free. Simultaneously notifying police dispatchers, and on-and-off-duty officers within that area to respond to the scene – officers are then already responding before dispatch can give out the call, saving both time and lives.

Guard911:Why do you think the average citizen has a tough time with the words “active shooter” and “active killer”?

Ron:That’s a great question. If we use plain English definitions, an active shooter is one who shoots frequently. These are military persons, S.W.A.T. police, recreational citizens, and competitive shooters. They are all honorable people and it’s certainly wrong for them to get tagged as an active shooter the way the media often defines those terms. Again, going back to plain English, there’s no criminality attached to “active shooter.” Now, “active killer,” is tied directly to criminality because it’s used to describe people who go into a school, office, etc. and mass murder by any means, not just guns. There is a stigma around the word “killer” in the media’s light, but the reality is, that’s what they are.

Guard911: Any additional thoughts?

Ron:I’m so glad technology like Guard911 and Hero911 exists to shorten the response times and save more lives. If this type of work wasn’t being done, then the public wouldn’t continue to get the message and become more educated on the subject.

To download the free Hero911 app visit the Apple Store or Google Play.

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