CampusGuard911 & Hero911 Success Story at Augustana College

Guard911 and Hero911 partnered with Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, to conduct an active shooter training drill using the CampusGuard911 mobile panic button app. The college, designated as the first Ready-to-Respond Campus by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, organized the realistic intruder scenario involving campus police, faculty, and 300 students. The drill included a simulated presentation, a shooter firing blanks, and moulaged students portraying injuries. The CampusGuard911 app was used to notify 911 dispatchers and alert nearby law enforcement officers through the Hero911 network. The first officer responded in 21 seconds. The successful drill demonstrated the effectiveness of panic button apps in reducing response times and saving lives during emergencies. Schools, colleges, and universities are encouraged to implement panic button solutions like SchoolGuard and CampusGuard911 to enhance safety.


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