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Hero911 and TruArmor Bring You the Chance to Win a seat at the Force Science Certification Course* May 23 – May 27 in Chicago.

A $2,500 value! Course & Hotel Accommodations Included!

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The Force Science Institute instructional team has committed itself to conduct in-depth Force Science Certification courses that will allow Law Enforcement officers to understand the different processes involved in the analysis and investigation of force-related incidents. Certified investigators in Force Science Analysis will have a large array of tools to comprehend how the events unfolded. This information is crucial to those that are in charge of judging the incident and the actions that must be taken as a result.

The course will cover a wide range of subjects including interviewing techniques for law enforcement; the impact of trauma and stress on memory and psycho-psychological responses; analysis of the behavior of the suspect and the officer and psychomotor skills, amongst many others. By taking all these elements into account, the investigator will be in a position to put them all in context and make an objective presentation of why a person would have made the decision to use force.


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*The Winner’s tuition and lodging will be paid through the scholarship. Qualified candidates for the scholarship must be currently registered as a Hero911 user (the app is free and available through Google Play or the Apple Store) and must be a sworn, active investigator directly employed by a law enforcement agency who meets the class enrollment specifications.