Guard911 Has Hero911 Network of 65,000+ Federal, State, Local Law Enforcement Officers

Guard911 offers a unique solution for active shooter emergencies with their Hero911 network, which includes over 67,000 federal, state, and local law enforcement officers. Their smartphone app allows users to instantly notify 911 and nearby schools or businesses of an armed intruder emergency. Additionally, all first responders in the immediate area who have the Hero911 app receive immediate notification. This can significantly reduce response times and potentially save lives. The app was instrumental in the Santa Clarita school shooting in November 2019, where off-duty officers were able to secure the premises, locate the shooter, and provide medical assistance to injured students. By reducing tactical, notification, and response times, Guard911’s panic button app can help minimize casualties during active shooter incidents. With an average of one mass shooting every two weeks in the US, faster response times are crucial in preventing loss of life. Guard911 and Hero911 provide a reliable and effective solution for schools, businesses, and communities to enhance their emergency preparedness.

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