How C Spire Minimizes Workplace Violence

The number of workplace shootings is increasing, with the majority occurring in businesses. C Spire, a wireless carrier, recognized the need for a comprehensive security and safety program to protect its employees. They implemented Guard911, a mobile app that mass-communicates with employees and 911 simultaneously in the event of an active killer. This technology significantly shortens notification and response times, improving the chances of saving lives.

C Spire recommends that all companies adopt a safety and security program that goes beyond traditional measures like guards and keycards. They emphasize the importance of a written emergency event plan and the ability to communicate with everyone in the workplace, even those in hidden areas. Other recommended actions include conducting mock-shooter training, enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for violence, and implementing a safe-reporting program.

Workplace violence has significant economic and emotional costs, with half a million employees missing 1.8 million workdays annually due to violence. The trauma and emotional toll of such incidents can last a lifetime. It is crucial for companies to have a safety and security plan in place, including life-saving technology like Guard911.

Reducing notification and response times can save lives in the event of an active killer. Guard911 alerts the nearest first responders and everyone inside a business simultaneously, ensuring a swift response. Protecting and empowering employees is essential, and implementing Guard911 can provide peace of mind in the workplace.

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