How to Prepare a School Emergency Crisis Communication Plan

Schools, colleges, and universities – it’s time to create and implement a school crisis communication plan that includes mobile app alarm solutions. Providing accurate information to staff, law enforcement, your community, and the media will reduce panic, control the situation, and help keep your students and faculty safe. In our social-media-driven, instant-communication culture, it’s imperative to have a school emergency crisis communication plan to calm panic and relay accurate information so that the appropriate actions can be taken and followed up on in a compassionate yet systematic manner. The necessary steps include but are not limited to: Establish a Crisis Communication Team, Create a Simple, Easy-to-Access Crisis Communication Plan Document, and Incorporate Tools & Technology in Your School Crisis Communication Plan. If your school is interested in learning more about SchoolGuard or CampusGuard911 mobile panic alarm solutions, contact our helpful team today for a no-obligation conversation. 618-973-9174; [email protected].


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