How To Prevent Armed Intruder Emergencies

Armed intruder emergencies are the most terrifying and deadly situations that schools, campuses, and businesses can face. To prevent and prepare for such emergencies, implementing a panic button app like Guard911 is crucial. The app allows approved staff to quickly alert 911, other staff members, and nearby law enforcement of an emergency. While the number of active shooter incidents in the US decreased in 2019, the number of casualties per emergency has grown exponentially in recent years. Any workplace can be targeted, including healthcare facilities. Prevention requires a holistic approach, including training staff to recognize red flags and fostering open communication. Having a pre-planned response is essential, including assessing the building, establishing evacuation and shelter-in-place procedures, and implementing a panic button app like Guard911. In the event of an emergency, the app allows for immediate alerting of authorities and staff, reducing response times and potentially de-escalating the situation. Guard911 offers a family of active shooter apps, including the federally approved Hero911, to provide peace of mind and quick access to help.


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