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Shooting at Fort Hood, as Many as Eight Wounded, Gunman Dead

One person was dead and at least eight others were wounded in a shooting at Fort Hood, Texas — the same base where a military psychiatrist killed 13 people 4½ years ago — military officials told NBC News. Military officials said that the shooter was dead and appeared to be a lone gunman — but it was unclear if he had killed himself or was shot by law enforcement. The identity of the shooter was not immediately known. Four of the eight wounded were “very serious,” according to the officials. The Associated Press reported that as many as 14 people were injured, quoting a senior U.S. defense official. Few other details were immediately available, but a supervisor at Scott & White Memorial Hospital told NBC News that the hospital was “setting up a command center.” The base confirmed in a statement that “injuries are reported” and that “emergency crews are on the scene.” Bell County and state public safety deputies were securing the perimeter of the area, a senior local law enforcement source said. The FBI was also on scene to support law enforcement, according to the sources. + Click Here to read the full story