NSAMS – Nationwide Situational Awareness Messaging System

01/04/24 Perry Iowa School Shooting

UPDATE: Perry Iowa School Shooting - scene is now secure. Reports of one dead and multiple injured.


10/25/23 16 Dead After Multiple Incidents in Lewiston, Maine

16 People are dead and the suspect at large after multiple incidents in the area of Lewiston, Maine


10/03/23 Morgan State University Incident

5 People wounded during shooting at Morgan State University in Baltimore Maryland


05/06/23 Dallas, TX area outdoor mall shooting

Reports of multiple injured and fatalities including children.


05/03/23 1 Dead and 3 Injured in Atlanta Shooting

Police report 1 dead and 3 injured following a shooting in a Midtown Atlanta building, with the shooter still at large.


04/10/23 Early Morning Shooting - Louisville KY bank

Early morning shooting in a Louisville, KY bank. Killer opens fire klling 5 & injures many more.


03/27/23 Nashville Elementary School Shooting

Report of gunman dead after killing 3 children and injuring more in a Nashville, TN private elementary school.


02/17/23 Mississippi rampage killing - 6 dead

6 shot and killed in rampage shooting in different locations in Tate County, (Arkabutla) MS. Suspect reported to be in custody.


02/13/23 Shooting at Michigan State University campus

Active shooting reported at Michigan State University campus with reports of several possibly shot with suspected fatalities.


01/23/23 Half Moon Bay, CA killings at 2 different locations

Suspect in custody after killing 7 at 2 different locations south of San Fransisco, CA in Half Moon Bay. Suspect reportedly worked at one of the two businesses where he conducted the shootings.


01/21/23 Monterey Park, CA - Dance Studio massacre

UPDATE to Jan 21, 2023 massacre...10 killed and at least 10 more injured with killer still at large re: late night shooting in a dance studio in Monterey Park, CA which is just east of Los Angeles. At this time there is no description of killer nor motive.


10/24/22 St. Louis Missouri - High School Shooting

Shooting at Central Visual & Performing Arts High School - Six injured


10/13/22 North Carolina shooting

Reports state 5 are dead from what witnesses claim to be act of a suspect dressed in full camo with long gun and full backpack. Suspect reported to be 'contained.'


07/04/22 Highland Park Illinois - 4th of July Parade Shooting

Multiple people shot during Highland Park Fourth of July parade.


06/09/22 Columbia Machine manufacturing plant shooting - Smithsburg, MD

Several shot at manufacturing plant in Smithsburg, MD. Shooter reported to no longer be a threat.


06/01/22 Shooting near Tulsa, OK hospital (unknown at this time if related to hospital)

Several reported shot and at least 4 dead, including the killer, near a hospital in Tulsa, OK.


05/24/22 Uvalde TX Elementary School Shooting

Update to Uvalde, TX Elem. School Shooting - 2 reported dead several injured. Suspect in custody.


05/14/22 Buffalo, NY supermarket shooting

At least 10 reported dead at a Tops Supermarket in Buffalo, NY with shooter reported to be in custody.


04/12/22 Several shot at NYC subway with 'unexploded devices' found and suspect at large.

Several people were shot at a NYC subway attack during rush hour commute this morning. NYPD reports that 'unexploded devices' were also found and suspect(s) at large.


03/07/22 Shooting on school grounds in Des Moines.

Shooting on school grounds in Des Moines. 3 students in critical condition and others injured. Suspects detained.


12/16/21 TikTok Challenge to Threaten Schools 12/17

FYI ONLY - Hero911 is aware of a TikTok challenge on 12/17 kids are accepting to threaten schools.


11/30/21 Multiple people injured at Oxford HS, MI.

Multiple people injured at Oxford HS, MI. Shooter reported to be in custody.


11/21/21 Vehicle used as a weapon, injures several people at a WI parade.

Vehicle used as a weapon, injures several people at a WI parade.


10/06/21 Arlington TX School Shooting

Shooting at Arlington, TX school. Multiple injuries. Refer to FB or media


09/23/21 Kroger grocery store shooting - TN

13 shot at Kroger grocery store in Collierville, TN.


05/26/21 Report of multiple fatalities San Jose, CA.

Report of multiple fatalities San Jose, CA - train commuter yard. Shooter down.


05/01/21 Multiple shot at Green Bay WI Casino.

Reports of multiple shooting victims at Green Bay WI casino. Shooter reported in custody.


04/20/21 Three shot at suburban NY grocery store. Shooter fled.

Three people were shot, including one person who is believed to have died, and a gunman, who opened fire at a suburban New York grocery store, is on the loose Tuesday morning, according to local reports.


04/12/21 Multiple shot at Knoxville, TN High School

Multiple shot at Knoxville, TN High School including LEO. Stay clear of area & refer to Hero911 FB.


03/22/21 Boulder CO shooter in custody

Shooter in custody. Possible multiple casualties at Boulder CO King Sooper.


02/09/21 Buffalo MN, Clinic Shooting

Multiple victims in clinic shooting in Buffalo MN. Explosives found on the scene. Multiple injuries and suspect in custody.


01/06/21 Protestors Overrun Capitol in DC

Protesters overun Capitol in DC. Area LEOs requested to contact respective agency regarding assistance.


11/20/20 Wauwatosa Wisconsin Mall Shooting

Multiple people injured in Mayfair mall Wauwatosa Wisconsin.


06/26/20 Bunn-O-Matic warehouse shooting in Springfield, IL

Workplace shooting at Bunn-O-Matic warehouse in Springfield, IL reported to have deaths with suspect at large.


02/26/20 Shooter kills 6 and himself at Milwaukee Coors Plant

Shooter kills 6 and himself at Milwaukee Coors Plant. Refer to media.


12/10/19 Active shooting Jersey City, NJ

Reports of active shooting with officers hit in Jersey City, NJ. Local schools on lockdown. Shooter holed up in business.


12/06/19 Naval Air Station shooting - Pensacola, FL

Report of shooting with numerous injured at Naval Air Station in Pensacola, FL.


11/14/19 Saugus HS shooting - Santa Clarita, CA

Report of at least 7 victims from shooting at Santa Clarita, CA HS with gunman reported to be still at large.


08/31/19 Mass shooting in Midland, TX

Shooting in Midland, TX injures at least 20 with one suspect still large.


08/31/19 Update-to active shooter, in Odessa, TX Theater shooting

Five reported killed, plus shooter, in Odessa, Texas Theater mass shooting.


08/14/19 At least 4 LEOs shot in Nicetown neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA.

At least 4 LEOs reported shot in the Nicetown area of Philadelphia, PA. The shooter status is unknown at this time. Stay clear of 15th & Butler Streets.


08/04/19 UPDATE-Mass killing outside Dayton, OH bar

UPDATE-9 Reported killed, 16 injured in killing outside Dayton, OH bar. Killer also reported dead.


08/03/19 Reports of active shooting at El Paso, TX Walmart (Cielo Vista Mall area).

Reports of an active shooting in Walmart near Cielo Vista Mall area in El Paso, TX. Unknown injured....stay clear as scene still active.


05/31/19 Update-shooting in VA Beach Municipal Center leaves 11 dead, multiple injured

Update -now reports 11 people killed, at least 6 injured in Virginia Beach Municipal Building active shooting. Suspect in custody.


05/20/19 BOLO...manhunt underway for 29 y/r Grady Wilkes for killing a LEO in AL and injuring others.

BOLO...manhunt underway for 29y/r Grady Wilkes after killing LEO in Auburn, AL and injuring others. Wilkes last seen wearing camouflage, body armor and a helmet.


05/07/19 Shooting at STEM School Highland Ranch, CO

FYI-report of shooting and unstable situation at STEM School, Highland Ranch, CO.


04/30/19 Report of 3 shot at University of NC-Charlotte. Suspect in custody.

Three shot on University of NC-Charlotte Campus. Suspect in custody. Victim's status unknown.


04/28/19 FYI shooting outside Baltimore Baptist Church, suspect status unknown

Report of one dead, seven injured in shooting outside Baltimore Baptist Church. Status of suspect unknown.


03/07/19 Officer shot in Rockford, IL suspect IDed

BOLO Floyd Brown, M/B, age 45 Blue/Silver Gran Marquis, IL BF13112 or Temp 4850246


02/15/19 Multiple injuries in active shooting Henry Pratt, Aurora, IL

Report of multiple injuries, including a Police Officer, in active shooting at Henry Pratt facility in Aurora, IL. Suspect still at large.


11/19/18 Active Shooting at Chicago Hospital

Active shooting at Chicago Hospital leaves multiple victims, including Chicago Police Officer. Shooter reported injured as well.


10/27/18 Multiple fatalities in Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting

Reports of multiple fatalities in active shooting at Pittsburgh Synagogue.


10/22/18 Manhunt underway for suspected GA cop-killer.

Manhunt on-going for suspected GA cop-killer, Tafahree Maynard (18y/o).


10/03/18 5 Officers shot in Florence, SC

Reports of 5 Officers shot in Florence, SC. Shooter reported in custody.


09/20/18 Mass shooting in Hartford County, MD

Multiple people reported shot in shooting at warehouse in Hartford County, MD. Scene still active.


09/06/18 Cincinnati, OH bank shooting

Active shooting at Cincinnati, OH bank under control. 3 killed and gunman.


08/26/18 Jacksonville Landing, FL shooting

Mass shooting at Jacksonville Landing in FL leaves casualties and several injured.


07/18/18 Suspect ID'ed in killing of Hawaii Police Officer

BOLO-Suspect Identified in killing of Hawaii Police Officer


06/28/18 Capital Gazette shooting in Annapolis, MD

Shooter reported to be in custody after shooting several people at the Capital Gazette newspaper office in Annapolis, MD.


05/30/18 BOLO for suspect sought for killing TN Deputy this morning.

Suspect, Steven Wiggins is sought for killing TN Deputy this morning. Refer to media for further.


05/25/18 Shooting at middle school in Noblesville, IN.

Shooting suspect reportedly in custody after shooting 2 who remain in critical condition at a middle school in Noblesville, IN.


05/18/18 Santa Fe, TX HS shooting....injuries unknown at this time.

Gunman reportedly walks into school with a shotgun opening fire at Santa Fe, TX high school.


04/25/18 Maine Deputy shot & killed in Norridgewock, ME. Suspect, John Williams, stole police cruiser and is still at large.

Maine Deputy from Somerest County shot and killed in Norridgewock, ME. Suspect, 29 y/o John Williams, stole police cruiser before abandoning it and is still at large. Refer to article or Hero911 FB for picture.


04/03/18 Report of active shooting at YouTube HQ in San Bruno, CA.

Report of active shooting at YouTube HQ in San Bruno, CA with multiple victims.


03/20/18 Great Mills High School shooting

Report of multiple injuries in shooting at Great Mills High School, St Mary's County, MD.


03/02/18 Central Michigan University shooting

2 people shot at Central Michigan University with black male suspect at large.


02/14/18 Active Shooter at Stoneman Douglas HS - Parkland Florida

Report of shooting at Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland FL with multiple injuries reported.


02/01/18 2 students shot at Sal-Castro Middle School in Los Angelse, CA

2 students shot inside Sal-Castro middle school in Los Angeles, CA and shooter reported to be in custody.


01/23/18 Marshall Co, KY High School Shooting

Killer reported in custody in shooting at Marshall County High School. One fatality and multiple injuries reported.


12/31/17 Several LEOs shot outside Denver, CO.

Several LEOs reported to be shot in early morning shooting outside Denver, CO. Scene still active.


12/07/17 Two student injured, shooter neutralized in Aztec High School, NM

Two students reported injured, suspected shooter neutralized in active shooting at Aztec High School in New Mexico.


11/14/17 Report of multiple people shot at Northern California Elemantary school

Reports of multiple injuries in shooting at Nothern California Elementary School. Shooter reported killed by police.


11/05/17 Sutherland Springs, TX church shooting.

Multiple victims in south Texas church shooting. Gunman reported to be dead.


10/31/17 Reports of multiple people killed in shooting in Lower Manhattan

Report of multiple people killed in shooting in Lower Manhattan. Suspect reported in custody.


10/18/17 Maryland business shooting leaves 3 dead & others injured.

Maryland business shooting leaves 3 dead and others injured with gunman reported to be at large.


10/02/17 Las Vegas massacre

Shooter reported to be dead after killing multiple victims at concert and wounding hundreds more.


09/24/17 Multiple people reportedly shot at Antioch, TN church.

Multiple people have reportedly been shot at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, TN.


09/20/17 One student shot at Mattoon, IL High School & shooter in custody.

One student has been shot at a Mattoon, IL high school after several shots were fired. Teacher said to have disarmed shooter who is in custody.


09/13/17 Shooting reported at Freeman HS - Spokane, WA

Shooting reported at Freeman HS - Spokane, WA with multiple injuries and suspect possibly in custody.


08/28/17 Clovis, NM public library shooting

Shooting in the Clovis, NM public library kills 2 with several others injured. Shooter reported to be in custody.


08/06/17 MO LEO killed on traffic stop.....suspect at large.

MO LEO killed on traffic stop....suspect, Ian McCarthy, at large from Clinton, MO area.


06/30/17 Active shooter at Bronx Lebanon Hospital in NYC.

Man in Doctor's coat opens fire at Bronx Lebanon Hospital in NYC shooting at least two.


06/14/17 Shooting at San Francisco UPS facility

Reports of multiple injuries in active shooting at UPS facility in San Francisco. Shooter reported as UPS driver is in custody.


06/13/17 Fugitives at large after shooting 2 GA correctional LEOs.

BOLO for green 4/door Honda Civic RBJ6601" (GA). Fugitives wanted for shooting 2 GA correctional LEOs while on prisoner transport. "


06/05/17 Orlando, Florida Shooting

Report of multiple fatalities from shooting at Orlando, FL warehouse. Situation contained.


04/11/17 Ohio LEO shot with suspect at large.

Ohio LEO shot outside of Newcomerstown with one suspect at large. Suspect vehicle is black Geo Tracker, no plates and tinted windows.


04/10/17 San Bernardino Elementary School Shooting

What is believed to be a murder-suicide leaves at least two dead, others injured at San Bernardino Elementary School.


01/22/17 Suspect at large following shooting at San Antonio Mall

NATIONWIDE AWARENESS ONLY!!! - Report of shooting at San Antonio mall following failed armed robbery. One suspect shot and in custody, second at large. Multiple citizens shot, one killed. Refer to FB or media for further.


01/20/17 Off duty Westwego, LA Officer killed. Manhunt underway for suspect

NATIONWIDE AWARENESS ONLY!!! - Report of Westwego, La officer killed in Jefferson Parish. Manhunt underway for suspect Sylvester Holt, m/b. Refer to FB or media for further.


01/09/17 Orlando PO shot, suspect ID'ed BOLO for Markeith Loyd, M/B

Report of Orlando Officer shot, possible suspect Markeith Loyd, M/B, reported wearing security uniform. Nearby schools on lockdown.


01/06/17 Shooting at Ft Lauderdale Airport

Report of 9 shot, 3 dead in shooting at Ft Lauderdale Airport. Shooter reported in custody.


12/30/16 PA cop killer reportedly still at large after killing Trooper last night.

PA cop killer reportedly still at large after killing PA Trooper last night.


12/07/16 Two Police Officers Shot near Southwestern State University near Americus, GA

Manhunt underway for B/M Suspect identified as Minguel Hembrick, wanted in connection with two officers shot, one fatally, near Southwestern State University.


11/28/16 Ohio State University active shooting

Report of active shooting at Ohio State University with unknown injured.


11/08/16 Suspect sought after killing AZ LEO.

Daniel Erickson, 36 y/o, sought after killing Show Low, AZ LEO. Last seen driving gray or brown Jeep Cherokee license BGT9579.


11/02/16 Ambush of Iowa Police Officers

Police in Iowa identify suspect in cowardly ambush of two Iowa Police Officers.


10/03/16 Active shooter with rifle shooting at police in Carolina Beach, North Carolina

reports of shots fired at police in Carolina Beach, NC. School buses diverted from scene. Suspect reported in custody, no injuries reported at this time.


09/28/16 Shooting at Townville Elementary school, SC

Report of shooting at Townville Elementary school in South Carolina with unknown injured and shooter in custody.


09/26/16 Active shooting at Houston Strip Mall

report of as many as seven injured at shooting at Houston strip mall. Suspect reported shot by responding officers, situation believed contained.


09/08/16 Active shooter at Alpine, TX High School

report of at least on person shot, two shooters at large. School on lockdown.


07/29/16 2 San Diego Police Officers Shot

report of 2 San Diego Police Offices Shot, 1 suspect in custody, one at large. Shelter in place order given


07/17/16 3 Baton Rouge officers feared dead in shooting

Report of 3 Baton Rouge, LA police officers feared dead in shooting. Scene reported as still active.


07/11/16 Active shooting at Berrien County Courthouse

Report of active shooting at Berrien Co. Courthouse, St Joseph, MI. Two deputies dead, and possibly shooter. Scene still active


06/12/16 Orlando Pulse Shooting

Man opens fire on a gay night club and kills 50 mean and wounding another 50


06/05/16 Phoenix Motel 6 shooting

Man kills 2 and wounds 5 in a motel in Phoenix before stealing a car and initiating a high speed chase. The suspect eventually got out of the vehicle and shot himself in a field on the run from police.


06/05/16 Cape Coral shooting spree

Man goes on a shooting spree in three locations throughout Cape Coral. Kills 3 men and injures 3 others before he was shot and killed by police.


02/25/16 Excel Industries shooting

Excel employee opens fire in the office killing 4 and wounding 20


02/20/16 Kalamazoo shooting

Man goes on a shooting spree in Michigan. Kills 6 and wounds 2 others in 3 different locations


12/02/15 San Bernardino shooting

Two shooter open fire in the Inland Regional Center killing 16 people and leaving 19 injured.


11/27/15 Planned Parenthood shooting

Shooter kills 3 and injures 9 in Colorado Springs at a Planned Parenthood clinic.


10/24/15 Marysville shooting

Student opens fire in the cafeteria of a washington high school killing 5 and leaving 1 injured


10/01/15 Umpqua Community College Shooting

Student shot and killed 10 people and left 9 wounded in Roseburg Oregon.


08/26/15 Modesto shooting

At an X-Fest party in California, witnesses stated seeing a man walking into parking lot with a gun and opened fire. Out of the 8 people shot, only 1 was killed.


07/23/15 Louisiana Theater shooting

Theater patron opens fire on a crowd in a movie theater killing 3 and injuring 9.


06/17/15 Charleston Church shooting

Man opens fire at a church in South Carolina leaving 9 people dead.


04/02/14 Fort Hood shooting

Altercation causes shooter to go on a spree killing leaving 4 dead and 16 injured


09/16/13 Washington Navy Yard shooting

Shooter enters the yard and opens fire leaving 12 dead


07/20/12 Aurora shooting

Shooter enters the theater in Aurora Colorado and opens fire on the midnight crowd for the Dark Knight Rises. Kills 12 people and leaves 62 injured.