NSAMS – Nationwide Situational Awareness Messaging System

10/25/23 16 Dead After Multiple Incidents in Lewiston, Maine

16 People are dead and the suspect at large after multiple incidents in the area of Lewiston, Maine


10/03/23 Morgan State University Incident

5 People wounded during shooting at Morgan State University in Baltimore Maryland


05/06/23 Dallas, TX area outdoor mall shooting

Reports of multiple injured and fatalities including children.


05/03/23 1 Dead and 3 Injured in Atlanta Shooting

Police report 1 dead and 3 injured following a shooting in a Midtown Atlanta building, with the shooter still at large.


04/10/23 Early Morning Shooting - Louisville KY bank

Early morning shooting in a Louisville, KY bank. Killer opens fire klling 5 & injures many more.


03/27/23 Nashville Elementary School Shooting

Report of gunman dead after killing 3 children and injuring more in a Nashville, TN private elementary school.


02/17/23 Mississippi rampage killing - 6 dead

6 shot and killed in rampage shooting in different locations in Tate County, (Arkabutla) MS. Suspect reported to be in custody.


02/13/23 Shooting at Michigan State University campus

Active shooting reported at Michigan State University campus with reports of several possibly shot with suspected fatalities.


01/23/23 Half Moon Bay, CA killings at 2 different locations

Suspect in custody after killing 7 at 2 different locations south of San Fransisco, CA in Half Moon Bay. Suspect reportedly worked at one of the two businesses where he conducted the shootings.


01/21/23 Monterey Park, CA - Dance Studio massacre

UPDATE to Jan 21, 2023 massacre...10 killed and at least 10 more injured with killer still at large re: late night shooting in a dance studio in Monterey Park, CA which is just east of Los Angeles. At this time there is no description of killer nor motive.


10/24/22 St. Louis Missouri - High School Shooting

Shooting at Central Visual & Performing Arts High School - Six injured


10/13/22 North Carolina shooting

Reports state 5 are dead from what witnesses claim to be act of a suspect dressed in full camo with long gun and full backpack. Suspect reported to be 'contained.'


07/04/22 Highland Park Illinois - 4th of July Parade Shooting

Multiple people shot during Highland Park Fourth of July parade.


06/09/22 Columbia Machine manufacturing plant shooting - Smithsburg, MD

Several shot at manufacturing plant in Smithsburg, MD. Shooter reported to no longer be a threat.


06/01/22 Shooting near Tulsa, OK hospital (unknown at this time if related to hospital)

Several reported shot and at least 4 dead, including the killer, near a hospital in Tulsa, OK.


05/24/22 Uvalde TX Elementary School Shooting

Update to Uvalde, TX Elem. School Shooting - 2 reported dead several injured. Suspect in custody.


05/14/22 Buffalo, NY supermarket shooting

At least 10 reported dead at a Tops Supermarket in Buffalo, NY with shooter reported to be in custody.


04/12/22 Several shot at NYC subway with 'unexploded devices' found and suspect at large.

Several people were shot at a NYC subway attack during rush hour commute this morning. NYPD reports that 'unexploded devices' were also found and suspect(s) at large.


03/07/22 Shooting on school grounds in Des Moines.

Shooting on school grounds in Des Moines. 3 students in critical condition and others injured. Suspects detained.


12/16/21 TikTok Challenge to Threaten Schools 12/17

FYI ONLY - Hero911 is aware of a TikTok challenge on 12/17 kids are accepting to threaten schools.


11/30/21 Multiple people injured at Oxford HS, MI.

Multiple people injured at Oxford HS, MI. Shooter reported to be in custody.


11/21/21 Vehicle used as a weapon, injures several people at a WI parade.

Vehicle used as a weapon, injures several people at a WI parade.


10/06/21 Arlington TX School Shooting

Shooting at Arlington, TX school. Multiple injuries. Refer to FB or media


09/23/21 Kroger grocery store shooting - TN

13 shot at Kroger grocery store in Collierville, TN.


05/26/21 Report of multiple fatalities San Jose, CA.

Report of multiple fatalities San Jose, CA - train commuter yard. Shooter down.


05/01/21 Multiple shot at Green Bay WI Casino.

Reports of multiple shooting victims at Green Bay WI casino. Shooter reported in custody.


04/20/21 Three shot at suburban NY grocery store. Shooter fled.

Three people were shot, including one person who is believed to have died, and a gunman, who opened fire at a suburban New York grocery store, is on the loose Tuesday morning, according to local reports.


04/12/21 Multiple shot at Knoxville, TN High School

Multiple shot at Knoxville, TN High School including LEO. Stay clear of area & refer to Hero911 FB.


03/22/21 Boulder CO shooter in custody

Shooter in custody. Possible multiple casualties at Boulder CO King Sooper.


02/09/21 Buffalo MN, Clinic Shooting

Multiple victims in clinic shooting in Buffalo MN. Explosives found on the scene. Multiple injuries and suspect in custody.


01/06/21 Protestors Overrun Capitol in DC

Protesters overun Capitol in DC. Area LEOs requested to contact respective agency regarding assistance.


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