Panel of National School Safety Experts: What You Need to Know About Active Shooter Incidents

Guard911 hosted a Panel of National School Safety Experts to explain not just their personal experience with active shooter incidents and safety, but an understanding of how they’ve applied their personal experiences to prevent these senseless acts of violence. These shootings impact both the public and private sectors and happen in schools, daycares, universities, and large gathering places, such as churches, malls, arenas, concerts, or sporting events – anytime and anywhere the public is unprotected. It is often said that we are “one casualty away” from learning to be more proactive. Every school and community feels they will never deal with this problem, but it can and does happen everywhere. We must get out of denial and move into reality. We must use technology and the resources available to stop active shooters in their tracks. Please, embrace the life-saving tools of preparation!

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