Ready for the Reopening of Schools? These Are the Youth Violence Warning Signs to Look Out for

As schools reopen for in-person learning, the focus on preventing school shootings becomes crucial. Dr. Amy Salvo, Director of Social Emotional Learning & Support at the Lincoln County R-III School District in Missouri, emphasizes the importance of prioritizing students’ well-being and mental health above academics. Creating an emotionally safe environment where students feel heard and connected is essential. Teachers can support students by providing predictability and consistency in the classroom, as stress levels can be heightened by the unknown. It is also crucial to offer support to teachers who may feel overwhelmed. Educators should be vigilant for warning signs in students, such as social withdrawal, excessive feelings of isolation or rejection, expressions of violence in writings or drawings, and threats of violence. Teachers should communicate any concerns to the administration and school counselors. Dr. Salvo suggests that districts provide training on trauma-responsive approaches and collaborate with local law enforcement for a comprehensive approach to school safety. Guard911 offers an all-in-one solution to empower educators and provide a link to fast outside help in emergencies.
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