Similar to CopSync, Hero911 seeks to help reduce response time to School Shooting

Hero911™ was Built by Police, for Police.

The Free Hero911™ App Alerts On and Off Duty Officers of Active School Shooters.

Help us get more officers involved, please share the app.

We want the Hero911™ Network ready to protect from the worst. To do that, we want to see every officer in America join the network! You can help. Please continue to share the Hero911 app to fellow officers. Show them the website and the “Test Alert” feature on the app. It will speak to them as much as it did you.

What is new?

The Hero911 app now provides a new feature; NSAMS. NSAMS is a nationwide active shooter awareness message service. Your phone will now receive a low key push message to provide general awareness during any active shooter incident nationwide. This is in addition to the main feature, a full Hero911 alert when nearby a reported active school shooter.


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How does the Hero Network operate?

Schools procure a service called SchoolGuard™ that places a panic button in the hands of every teacher with a compatible smart phone. In the event of an active shooting, a teacher presses the panic button provided within the app. The teacher app immediately speed dials 911 and simultaneously alerts mobile phones of all federal, state and local law enforcement officers (within the Hero911™ Network) in close proximity and bursts an alert to mobile phones of all teachers in the school and surrounding schools with the SchoolGuard™ service. Please visit SchoolGuard online to find information on the SchoolGuard service that works in concert with the Hero911™ Network.


+ SchoolGuard Website