Hero911™ Network members,

You are among several thousand police officers, from all 50 states, who have downloaded the Hero911™ phone app to receive an alert in the event of an active nearby school shooting. Thank you for your support!

We recently updated the Hero911™ phone app to incorporate a demo/test feature, web link and tutorial. This allows you to easily navigate through and demonstrate the app to other officers. Please check your phone and ensure you have the current Hero911™ version from Google Play or from the Apple App Store. Also, we ask that you make sure the new profile link on your app includes correct information including your state of residence. We will continue to update our website with current information.

We are amazed by the support from many police associations, as well as experts Lt. Col. David Grossman, Killology Research Group, and Dr. Bobby Smith, Visions of Courage. The U.S. Department of Justice, National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center recently published an article about Hero911 in the School Safety success story link on their website, located at .

We respectfully request your continued assistance in sharing Hero911™ with your fellow officers and police training groups:

Hero911™ features:

  • Alerts all officers (on or off duty) and agencies when a school shooting panic button has been activated.
  • Compliments emergency 911 communications.
  • Provides an address and map to the threat location.
  • Counts the number of officers that acknowledge the alert, both those in uniform and those in plain clothes.
  • Nationwide school shooting awareness messaging coming soon!
  • Supports SchoolGuard™ technology and visit the SchoolGuard™ Site.

Hero911™ does NOT:

  • Charge a fee to police officers—the app is free!
  • Track officer’s locations—Hero911™’s secure servers only records whether a phone is within a 10-20 mile radius of an active school shooting.
  • Share personal information or sell advertising.
  • Replace your agency policies and procedures.

We strongly recommend officers keep a “Go Bag” in off duty vehicles with a hat, vest or shirt with bold POLICE markings.

If you choose, please join us on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the links at the top of this page.

Thank you for your dedication and service.

Colonel Mike Snyders (retired, Illinois State Police) President, Hero911™ Network