Stop School Shootings

stop-school-shootingsIt is every parent’s worst nightmare: to turn on the television and realize that there has been another school shooting. It is a tragedy that reverberates throughout the community and the nation at large. The causes of such violence have been hotly debated and have led to an increase in anti-bullying efforts, school safety programs and further school safety training with active shooter drills for students as young as kindergarten. While these efforts are undoubtedly an important aspect to protecting our children, we wanted to do more.

Almost every adult in America carries a world of information in the form of a smart phone. At Hero911 we wanted to take this ubiquitous technology and turn it into a tool that could protect our children and hopefully prevent school shootings. With our Hero911 app we hope to connect law enforcement, both on and off duty, with teachers to react to active shooter situations in school in record time.

Our purpose is to build, support and manage the Hero911™ Network, a national volunteer organization of federal, state and local law enforcement officers. Specifically, the Hero911™ Network will help protect children and adults against the horrific violence in active shooter incidents. We accomplish this through a constant stream of communication, updating officers around the country on a moment’s notice when school shooting incidents have been reported.

Our Objectives:

  • Increase awareness through education of our country’s #1 domestic act of terrorism: the active shooter in a school setting.
  • Reduce the response time to active shooter incidents.
  • Increase the number of officers responding to active shooter incidents in schools.
  • Make the public feel safer in the community and reduce violence in schools with a robust law enforcement network safeguarding our children.
  • Create a platform to allow for law enforcement strategy development in response to current safety issues, on school campuses and in the community.
  • Create a proactive network of sworn law enforcement officers who are willing to help safeguard the community and prevent violence in schools.
  • Provide financial support to families of fallen officers.
  • Expand relationships between law enforcement officers and active shooter targets; such as schools, community centers, businesses and college campuses.
  • Work with law enforcement agencies to enhance on-duty and off-duty critical incident response policies and protocols.
  • Improve school safety measures through enhanced communication.