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Guard911 places a panic button in the hand of every approved staff member with a compatible smartphone. The Guard911 service allows for unlimited downloads per property. The app is portable, effective, and invisible to others, and it help saves lives by reducing school and workplace violence in the event of an active shooter situation.

At O'Herron we offer you the best place to buy the tactical equipment and uniforms you need to protect our country.

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It is our mission at Ray O’Herron to strive for excellence through our products and services. We have two store locations to serve you better, and we also have eight outside sales reps who can personalize your experience when shopping with us.

Ray always said that “if it were not for the customer we wouldn’t have a job”. This is the founding thought and belief of this company. I would like to invite you to shop with us today. We would also love to hear from you if you have questions or comments.


Grossman Academy

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Grossman Academy is a partnership between Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and V-Academy, a leading producer of online courses for law enforcement and public safety. The mission of Grossman Academy is to offer top-quality, 100% online training courses based on Lt. Col. Grossman’s expertise in the fields of combat and military psychology.

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Delirium is a full service design and marketing team. We have the skills to create a unique vision of your business with the goals you set for yourself, allowing for a beneficial return on your investment in us. Our unique blend of art and technology, combined with our experience and background in promotion will ensure solid results.