The Impact of Notification and Response Time on Violent Incident Outcomes

In recent years, the response time of law enforcement officers to violent incidents in the US has been reduced to about three minutes. However, this response time starts after the authorities have been notified, and most incidents are over by then. Therefore, the notification time is crucial in minimizing casualties. A study on mass shootings found that faster response times correlate with fewer casualties.

In emergency situations, someone on-site needs to contact the authorities, but this takes time, known as tactical time. This delay in notification prolongs the wait for intervention. It is essential for organizations to have clear emergency response protocols and multiple ways to contact authorities.

Traditional methods like calling 911 can be dangerous if the attacker overhears. Panic buttons may also be inaccessible or known to the attacker. A mobile phone panic alert app, like Guard911, provides a solution. The app integrates with the Hero911 Network of over 65,000 law enforcement officers. With a single button push, the app calls 911, alerts authorities, and notifies nearby Hero911 officers, improving response time.

By using Guard911, organizations can speed up law enforcement notification and response time, potentially saving lives. It offers extra protection, safety, and peace of mind. If your organization is looking to reduce response time in active shooter emergencies, Guard911 is the panic alert solution to consider.

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