Three Holiday Volunteer Opportunities Every Officer Should Consider Joining

image of a person making a money donation to a red kettle The life of a police officer can be difficult. We protect the communities we grew up in – the places we love. We justly defend our national, state and municipal laws. We work long hours, and even when we clock out for our shift, the duties of a police officer are never done. Taking into account the events of the past several years, mistakes made by only a handful of officers have given all of our brothers and sisters in blue a bad reputation in the public eye. That is why it is our civic duty to try that much harder to show the public that we do what we do in order to keep them safe. This season, show your appreciation for your community by dawning your police badge and getting involved in any of these holiday volunteer opportunities…

Dole Out Some Food

An estimated 1 in 6 Americans struggle with hunger. As a result, organizations like Meals on Wheels and local soup kitchens are always looking for new recruits. Find your way into your community’s heart by helping the less fortunate satisfy people’s most basic need: eating.

Ring a Bell

Consider becoming a red kettle bell ringer for the Salvation Army! While you may not reach the same viral status as this Cleveland, Tennessee officer, you will have a unique opportunity to connect with shoppers in your neighborhood. Offer up a warm salutation. Share your infectious smile. Wish every passerby a “happy holidays,” regardless of if they make a donation. Be the positive face of your police force!

Give a Toy

With nearly 50 million Americans living in poverty, many families cannot afford to purchase toys for their children this holiday season. Imagine how difficult it must be for a child to believe that Santa Claus cares less for him/her than some of the child’s fellow classmates. To fight this ongoing predicament, Toys for Tots accepts and distributes toys to less fortunate children every holiday season. You can help out by donating a toy of your own or spending some time at a local Toys for Tots event.

Get Involved

When it comes to lifting up your community, it really doesn’t matter which charities you choose to support. Whatever the cause may be, just get out there and get involved! Start contributing to your favorite charity today.
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