Using the SchoolGuard® Active Shooter App from Guard911

Are you a teacher or administrator in a school? You may find that you are always on the lookout for danger. Your major concern is the safety of all students and faculty in your school. What will you do if an armed intruder enters your school? Do you have a plan, not just for student safety, but for notifying law enforcement immediately? How can you get help most quickly? Do you have a simple way for teachers or other staff to inform the rest of your staff that there is a life-threatening emergency in your school building? The SchoolGuard® Active Shooter App immediately notifies law enforcement and all members of your school faculty and staff when there is an emergency in your school facility. With the simple use of a mobile phone or desktop, everyone is aware of the situation and can act quickly to save lives and prevent injury.
As reported by FBI statistics on active shooter events, the need for solutions in our schools is urgent. School faculty and staff need effective ways to communicate with each other and immediate access to law enforcement in an emergency situation.

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