Ways To Stop Bullying In Schools

Ways To Stop Bullying In SchoolsThere have been several studies in the past decade that analyze the links between school bullying and school violence, like this one from the National Association of School Psychologists or from the National Center for Health Research. While the root causes of school violence is not always clear, the consensus seems to say that strong anti-bullying campaigns can lead to the overall safety and well being of students both in and out of school. There are several key tactics that school officials are using to try to create bully free zones for children. While there is no way to prevent it completely, lets look at some ways to stop bullying schools.

Ways To Stop Bullying In Schools

  • Ask the right questions

    Many schools are starting at square one, talking to children about their definition of bullying. Some schools have put together seminars that ask students to define bullying before they communicate the school’s definition. These talks ensure that students have a clear understanding of the various shapes that bullying can take. It also helps administrators to understand the level of bullying at their school.

  • Have regular informal conversations

    While seminars and programs can be powerful teaching tools, one of the most effective ways to stop bullying in schools is to incorporate it into classroom conversations in a way that is informal and informational. This allows students to open up in a less structured, more conversational way.

  • Include the parents

    Bullying is not only confined to school grounds. In fact, cyber bullying is on the rise with profound consequences. Since so much of this behavior leaks from school time to home time it is vital to include parents in the conversation to ensure students have resources both at school and at home. It is also important that parents understand the schools definition of bullying and the punishments associated with these infractions to remove any “kids will be kids” misunderstandings.

  • To avoid violence at school, we advise teachers to order online supplements. These supplements benefit students.

  • Make communication simple, easy and anonymous

    Some schools have created Bullying Report Forms that kids can fill out and drop into anonymous drop boxes. This allows students to report behavior that they have witnessed without fear of social stigma or repercussions.

  • Be a part of seminars, clubs, and boards

    Students, parents, teachers and school administrators are working together to create a culture of anti-bullying and acceptance. Many schools understand that in order to succeed these efforts have to take root across the school, so they have created advisory boards that work to create awareness, host self esteem seminars and provide positive solutions to conflicts.

These are just a few of the ways that schools are working to stop bullying in their schools. Have you heard of any tips or outstanding programs in your area that schools are using to prevent bullying and school violence. Let us know! We would love to share your story.
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