What is Tactical Time & Why is it Important in Active Shooter Emergencies?

Tactical time is a critical factor in active shooter emergencies, referring to the time it takes for individuals to recognize the danger, react, and seek help. In such high-stress situations, it can take several minutes for individuals to fully comprehend the situation and take appropriate action. This delay can be detrimental, as active shooter incidents often unfold rapidly, with many casualties occurring within minutes. To address this issue, Guard911 has developed mobile panic button apps, such as Guard911, SchoolGuard, and CampusGuard911. These apps provide a simple and powerful solution to improve tactical time and reduce notification time. These apps have a proven track record of reducing response times and saving lives. Additionally, Guard911 apps are the only active shooter mobile safety alert apps in the country with the Hero911 network, which includes over 67,000 federal, state, and local officers ready to respond. To ensure the safety of your business or organization, it is crucial to have a mobile safety alert app like Guard911 in place.

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