Why You Should Choose a FirstNet-Vetted Public Safety App

A workplace emergency, according to OSHA, is an unexpected situation that endangers employees, customers, or the public, disrupts operations, or causes damage. By taking these provided steps, businesses can enhance employee safety and be better prepared for workplace emergencies. Violence, including active shooters and intruders, is a prevalent workplace emergency today. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that two million people annually report being victims of workplace violence, with another 25% of incidents going unreported. In 2017, there were 458 workplace homicides, with intentional shootings accounting for 76% of those cases. To protect employees and businesses from violence and ensure prompt assistance, it is important to have a comprehensive emergency and active shooter safety response plan in place. This plan should be developed in collaboration with internal teams, local law enforcement, and EMTs. Additionally, implementing a mobile safety app like Guard911 can be beneficial. This app not only alerts law enforcement immediately when an active shooter or emergency occurs, but also communicates with other employees and acts as a deterrent to potential attackers.

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