Critical Mindset for Counter Ambush Training

Over the course of eighteen years in law enforcement, Chief Jason Fitzwater, co-owner with Sheriff Michael Neal of N & F Training Solutions, went through hell and back. Not only has he persevered and lived to tell his story, he is fulfilling his mission to make a difference in this world. Just as Guard911® and Hero911® empower our citizens, children, co-workers, and law enforcement in any emergency or an active killer situation, Chief Fitzwater and his team empower other law enforcement officers and first responders with their one-of-a-kind, life-saving 3-day training program, Critical Mindset for Counter Ambush.

I have been in some sketchy situations since my N&F training, and I tell you what, I could hear Jason Fitzwater and Michael Neal walking me through the whole situation. These guys are absolutely raising the bar and I believe are now the new gold standard in law enforcement training – everything else is just theatrics.” – Officer Eric Bumpus, New Madrid Police Department

Chief Fitzwater’s Ambush Curriculum Inspiration

In 2012, Chief Fitzwater began working as a police officer at the Fredericktown Police Department in Southeast Missouri. That same year, a recent academy graduate named Chris was hired by their department as a part-time officer. Seven weeks into the job, he was shot and killed. Chaos broke out, all tactical teams were called in to find the killer, and Chief Fitzwater realized there was just not enough training for a situation like this.

Late in 2012, in honor of Chris, he founded the annual nonprofit Southeast Missouri SWAT Challenge to train officers and empower them. Within five years, the several day event was up to 15 teams from around the nation, hosted renowned speakers like Ron McCarthy – the Godfather of SWAT, and toured nationally. Then, in 2016, when cops started getting ambushed in their cars, first in Dallas, then in Baton Rouge, he knew his teaching and training skills could be put to further use. He left the police department and in seven weeks wrote the curriculum for the Critical Mindset for Counter Ambush class, and began officer training sessions. Sheriff Mike Neal took note of these effective, successful courses and asked Chief Fitzwater to come to Monroe County, Arkansas, and host a class for his own law enforcement team. From then on, the pair partnered to train law enforcement nationwide.

Our Mission is to prepare law enforcement for the unknown and for when the unthinkable happens.

Real-Life Tactical Training & Schedule

In February 2018, N&F Training officially became a company, traveling all over the country to empower other officers and first responders through counter-ambush training. Training has expanded from 1 to 3 days, and now includes Tactical PTSD: The Silent Sniper – real-life PTSD debriefs. These classes have been so important, 1300 first responders applied for just 12 spots at the recent Hero911® training conference in Indiana.

Chief Fitzwater points out, “None of our training is theoretical ‘what-if’s’ and statistical information. It is all first-hand, real-life, active training, stories, and the knowledge we’ve gained over the years from horrific circumstances. We are the only ones who know what it’s like to be in these distinctly unthinkable situations while saving lives, come out on the other side, and still have to function in this world.”

Training scenarios and classes, given by Sheriff Mike Neal, Chief Jason Fitzwater, and guest speakers include 1-day of classroom training and 2 days of practical range tactics. These include: engaging from the car in an ambush while operating a patrol vehicle, traffic stop ambushes, malfunction drills during an ambush gunfight; officer down during an ambush, fighting your way out of your vehicle, and engaging multiple targets. N & F Training Solutions can also be found at many North American conferences and hosting classes for law enforcement agencies that request on-premises training.

Upcoming 2019 Events (please go to the website for more detailed information and to sign up): • August 26-29, Kentucky Tactical Officers Association Conference, Louisville, Kentucky • September 4-5, Ardmore Police Department, Ardmore, Oklahoma • September 9-11, Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Orange County, North Carolina • October 8-10, Jasper Indiana, SILETC, Huntingburg Police Department • October 23-25, DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office, DeKalb, Georgia • November 3-5, Tennessee Narcotic Officers Conference, Nashville, Tennessee • November, International SWAT Round Up, Orlando, Florida

N & F Training Solutions prepares law enforcement for the worst by providing the tools and skills to win the fight and go home to their loved ones every day.

To Protect, Serve, & Defend

Chief Fitzwater admits being a law enforcement officer is a calling, “it’s not glamorous or family-friendly, nor is it emotionally steady. It’s a pledge that we feel compelled to make to keep our fellow Americans safe and we do it with love and honor.” N & F Training Solutions protects and serves with the utmost respect as they prepare law enforcement for the worst by providing the tools and skills to win the fight and go home to their loved ones every day.

To read about Chief Fitzwater’s incredible journey from the depths of despair to empowering others, watch for next month’s blog. To learn more about N & F Training Solutions, Hero911®, or to sign up for counter-ambush training, be sure to contact us today.

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