Hero Cop Comforts Toddler

  150623100911-cop-sings-toddler-after-fatal-crash-pkg-00010025-large-169A small business robbed; a school vandalized: a family disconnected from a fatal crash…these may all sound like shocking stories to citizens, but for some cops, these are normal everyday experiences. For the hero cops that comfort us in tragedy, some of them do it every single day. This video of hero cop Nick Struck comforting a 2-year-old girl by singing to her after her dad died from a car accident warms all our hearts. One of four children, the two-year-old was handed to the officer crying and soaked in gasoline. He remembered his own daughter, and sang her favorite song to the scared toddler, comforting her in this terrible time. The photo taken of the two has gone viral, and touched many people. Officers face these situations head-on more often than we l wish, and the heart and care that goes into these situations is just one example of their heroic acts of kindness. Police officers sometimes see the worst in humanity, and are often the bearers of bad news. We thank the ones that sing songs, comfort in the time of crisis, and take care of complete strangers. Cops also need to be taken care of. If the job and lifestyle becomes too overwhelming, here are some resources to help:
  • Police Wellness Project: The Cops Alive Total Wellness Project is a community effort to guarantee wellness of cops by providing tips, stories, and resources from law enforcement officers to help other officers in their careers.
  • Badge of Life: The mission of Badge of Life is to decrease the stress and trauma impact on officers. Stress can lead to PTSD and suicide, and this program hopes to lessen these tragedies.
  • Real Police article on stress: This article covers stress issues that police officers go though and how to help them.
Brighton Police Department praised Officer Struck for his work and so do we at Hero911. We are proud of all the hero officers who help others many times each day. We wish police officers all over the world the best of luck!
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