Stress Management Tips for Police Officers

Oj and oatmeal are said to help with stress management. Stress is everywhere and everyone struggles with it. The way in which it manifests and how a person utilizes stress management techniques all depends on the lifestyle of the individual. Although everyone deals with high stress at times, it is argued that the highest levels of stress come to those who are an authority figure. This means members of the police force deal with extreme stress everyday. With the pressures of the public, the dangers they face, their schedules, and physical stresses, it’s not often you’ll find a cop who isn’t or hasn’t been stressed out.

Sources of police stress:

Exposure to Distress:

As a police officer, you become involved in the lives of those who have been a victim of, or who have committed a crime. Those people are usually suffering, and when dealing with suffering and stress of others, chances are it’s going to affect you. Officers, like those in the ER or counselors, spend an above average time around those suffering. This can take a toll one one’s stress and mental health.


Many police officers experience physical danger on a daily basis, especially those working in areas with high crime rates. The possibility of being injured is something that can weigh on an officer mentality and cause a great amount of stress and anxiety.


The responsibility of protecting lives is a great deal of stress in itself. Wanting to protect citizens is noble and requires a lot of strength, but letting that responsibility weigh on your shoulders can end up being a great strain to many officers.

The pace:

Officers must always be alert and ready to enter into dangerous situations at a moment’s notice. The switch from mundane office work to faster paced crime work never lets your mind be at rest. So how do law enforcement officers deal with these many stressors that effect their lives daily? We have found some off the wall and unique ideas that could help ease stress. Stress is not permanent, and it can be managed a number of methods. Stress can be tackled both on a personal level by trying out some of these coping methods.

6 Unique Stress Management Methods: 

Breathe Different:

Deep breathing is known to release stress. Holding the air in for four seconds – and releasing – repeated several times can result in a calm sense of feeling. Another strange technique is breathing while holding one nostril closed. Best not to do this in a meeting or around civilians, though. But, the perfect place is in your police vehicle or relaxing at home.

Bathe in Beer:

Now, this may make your family think you have a problem, but many spas are offering beer baths to beat stress. Soaking in a tub of beer is apparently relaxing.

The hops found in beer are phytoestrogens, and their fragrance is said to realize stress for some. Although a warm lavender bath would probably have the same effect and not be so sticky, a beer bath could result in some laughs, which also reduce stress. Why not give it a shot? Drink OJ: Researchers have proven that OJ can stop the secretion of stress hormones. The Vitamin C makes you less anxious. So drink two 9-ounce glasses of OJ a day for your daily intake and lower your stress.


Another common breakfast item is said to reduce stress. Add oatmeal to your morning routine with your OJ! The whole grains lower cholesterol, and magnesium and potassium lower blood pressure, helping you to be more relaxed. Regular oatmeal consumption also boosts your serotonin levels.

The magic green dot:

Put a green dot on your phone as a reminder to take a deep breath before you answer a call. This will make you feel better and sound relaxed and confident. Every time you look at your phone you will be reminded to distress and keep cool.

Fractal power:

Research shows that looking at fractal patterns in art and nature, like a snowflake, ocean waves, or swirls in a painting produce a calming effect in your brain. Look at fractals before bed or at a lunch break to keep relaxed.

Try a few of these stress management tactics to see if they help reduce the stress in your life! Let us know if you have any strange stress tips in the comments!

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