The Hero911 App Saves Lives

Teachers are hammering out lesson plans, parents are scurrying to gHero911 app works to help officers train to protect schoolset uniforms and supplies, and kids are mentally preparing for the inevitable back-to-school date. The school year brings excitement and opportunity for many, but it also comes with anxiety for some. School are often at risk of violence, and that can leave a parent sending their kid off on a yellow school bus with a full dose of worries for the day.

When students are at school, their parents and teachers want them to be as safe as possible. The Hero911 Network is fully committed to saving lives and safeguarding communities from violent incidents. Specifically, the Hero911 App helps to protect children and adults from active shooters. A constant stream of communication and officer updates on a moment’s notice helps safeguard these schools.

Schools download the School Guard panic button app for Android and IOS to their phones. If this button is activated, an emergency alert goes to Hero911 Network law enforcement officers and the appropriate 911 call center. Officers with the app will see the school on a map with the address of the shooting.

Would you, as a law enforcement officer like to know if an active school shooting is occurring around you? This free app will alert you when school shootings are happening in your local area.

 Hero911 app features:

• A low key push message for situational awareness to any active shooter incident nationwide so users can refer to appropriate media.

• Launches an immediate alert to all LEOs providing an address, map and additional information when within 10-15 miles of a reported active shooter.

• Compliments 911 services.

For FAQs and tutorials on the app click here.

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